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Japanese version

Sunday, October 14th, 2007




次の待ち受けフォーマットをご用意しております。240×320, 176×220, 176×144, 128×160, 128×128.

Animated national flags. Vol. 2

Friday, October 5th, 2007

japan national animated flag mobile wallpaper hong kong national animated flag mobile wallpaper korea national animated flag mobile wallpaper.gif south africa national animated flag mobile wallpaper

50 more flags:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Macedonia, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uruguay, Uzbekistan.

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More phones in our support list

Monday, September 17th, 2007

We’ve added some devices to our support list.
All of them are fully compatible to our screensavers.

K530, K550, K770, K810, K850, M600, P990, S500, T250, T650, W580, W610, W660, W880, W900, W910, W960, Z250, Z320, Z750.
KRZR K3, RAZR maxx V6, RAZR2 V9, RAZR2 V8, RIZR Z3, RIZR Z8, ROKR Z6, ROKR E6, SLVR L9, W205, W209, W215, W395, W380, W510
E65, N76, N77, N81, N95, 1650, 2630, 2660, 2760, 5310, 5700, 6120, 6267, 6500, 6555, 8600 Luna, 7500 Prism, 7900 Prism

Italian version.

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Italian version.

This is the last from Western European family.


Gotham screensaver template

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Gtham. Betman. Sn sity. Night city.New one – Gotham screensaver
Dark enough?



Screensaver Generator 1.04. New features.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

We are happy to announce that we launched the new version of our Screensaver Generator.

The major feature in 1.04 version is “Static wallpaper option“. In case if your cell phone can’t play animation, or not performing well with animated gifs – you can generate static wallpaper with your text on it. In other words it’s just one frame of template. Most of the mobile phones with color display support it.

Also in this version we fixed “meta” bug and improved performance of the generation.

Thanks for you feedbacks.

Samsung phones and animated gifs

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Probably you noticed, there are no Samsung phones in our support list.

Accordingly our research, most of the Samsung mobile phones can’t play animated gifs longer than 15 frames. Even the latest devices such as D800, D820, D900.

You can use our animated wallpapers based on Monogram and Ibiza templates, for all the rest – animation will be cut.

Recently we have found out that Samsung E770 can play long animation. For this device you can pick any template you want, just select “generic resolution 176×220″.