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Funny pictures

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

What are funny pictures

Classifications have a lot of funny pictures. They can be divided into different characteristics. For example, according to the method of origin distinguish:

  • Intentionally created (which is created by marketers or sad players for promotion of the brand or themselves)

  • Co-opted (such, which seem to arise spontaneously, but immediately picked up by the interested parties and untwisted with any purpose)

  • Self-nascent (absolutely folk art, meme in its purest form, viral).

On the semiotic basis of funny pictures the standard are divided into visual, auditory, textual and mixed.

memes, advisors, comics and other.

Audio-songs, slogans, devises. Yes, it’s also funny pictures. The ice melts between us!

Text-Any verbal expressions, neologisms, poems, slogans, existing in text form. Pasties, for example.

Mixed-they can be attributed to video funny pictures, because they combine visual and auditory characteristics. According to some sources, mixed funny pictures are pictures with text, because they combine both visual and verbal content.

Partly to the textual funny pictures can be attributed so-called semantic funny pictures-phenomena and events that have become funny pictures themselves, without semantic representation. For example, a sensational story in early 2015 with the students of the dance school in Oregon, danced solid in the candid outfits “bees.” The girls were “famous” after the video with their dance got on the internet, and the public resented his candid content. The expression “Oregon bees” or “stubborn bees” became a rumor thanks to the media and quickly became a funny pictures. Formally, the source of the meme is a video, but the meme itself in this case is the story that followed the publication of the movie.