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Crying cat meme

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Crying cat meme
Cats – the ideal pets in a city apartment: they are clean, independent and not too demanding in the care. In the old days they were kept like magnificent rat-catchers. The annihilation of annoying parasites, accumulating in huge numbers around barns with grain, was the reason that many thousands of years ago led сrying cat meme to human habitation.

In the modern life style of a city dweller, these animals play a more important – social – role. Affectionate pets have become truly wonderful companions for man. However, this is not the only stage in the centuries-old “career” of cats. In ancient Egypt, they were worshiped as gods, and in the Japanese city of Kagoshima they built a temple dedicated to seven cats. In many eastern countries, the maintenance of these animals was a luxury available only to the richest families.

When the value of сrying cat meme ceased to be determined by its hunting qualities, people began to pay more attention to the appearance and character of their pets – this is how the purposeful selection work began. That is why now we find such a variety of breeds, each of which is unique in its own way. There are cats temperamental and balanced, loyal and independent, jealous and sociable. However, the character – not the only factor that should be considered if you decide to get a pet. Pay attention to the features of care for representatives of a particular breed.

Some genetic mutations are associated with the risk of certain diseases. So, Siamese and Balinese cats are predisposed to liver and heart diseases, the British and Bombay cats are prone to obesity and need to be monitored for food, while Scottish Folds are most susceptible to ear diseases. Many breeds have special requirements for care: for example, cats of the Cornish Rex breed should be protected from drafts, bark scared loud noises, and hairless cats should not be long in the sun – they can get burned! If you are serious about breeding breeding cats, you should pay attention to the requirements for breeding and reproduction, which are necessary for the preservation of the breed.

Those who are not looking for an expensive and rare breed can look to the inhabitants of animal shelters. Who knows, what if it is there you will find a loving heart and make the life of a little living creature happy! However, purebred or not, the cat is primarily a pet, which requires attentive care, proper nutrition and, of course, your love!