Collapsar Game

Better Than Tetris
A new super casual game is coming soon!
Collapsar is 3D tetris like game, simple and catchy. Will be released soon on Android and iPhone simultaneously.
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Alternative twitter app

You can use VividTweet as alternative twitter app.
No need any special permissions just make sure that official twitter app installed on you android device.
Here a few new templates

Tweet longer than 140 Characters with VividTweet App

With the Vivid Tweet app you can create nice graphic tweets that fit perfectly into your twitter timeline.
Also you don’t have any text limitation! Type more than 140 characters!

Just make sure that you text is readable :)

Here the example:

VividTweet App on Google Play now!

With the VividTweet app you can create graphic tweets that fit perfectly into your twitter timeline.
Just pick one of professionally designed templates, add your text and post the image.  It’s that simple!

Post tweets directly from the Vivid Tweet app (Make sure you have an official or alternative twitter app installed on your device).
You can also post the image to your Facebook wall, via WhatsApp or any other social network.

- The shorter the tweet, the bigger font size – it looks much better on the image.
- Want to use hash tags? Just add it as text next to the image in the “Compose Tweet” screen.
- You can also save the image with the text to your device.

All templates are designed by Red Dodo

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On Red Dodo site: Vivid Tweet

Web site: Vivid Tweet

How to add a Widget to your android home screen.

How to add the Battery Widget to your home screen.
- Touch the All Apps icon on your Home screen.
- Touch Widgets at the top of the screen.
- Select “Customized Battery”
- Long press (touch and hold your finger down) on any open spot on one of your Home screen pages.
- Touch Widgets from the list of choices.
- Scroll through your list of installed widgets
- Select “Customized Battery”

Battery widget

Battery widget

This one seems to be a most popular battery widget.
Interesting why? :)

Battery percentage

Here the first and default template:

Classic look, you can see battery percentage in status bar, notification area and battery widget of your device.

Customized battery for your Android

This small app helps you monitor your battery life so you can easily see how many hours remain. Once you install the app, all you need to do is to select one of the cool and unique battery template that are available and add the battery widget to your home screen. The battery information will then be displayed in the status bar, notification area and battery widget of your device.

✓ Classic battery
✓ Heart
✓ Beer mug
✓ Orange battery
✓ Futuristic battery saver
✓ Green power widget
✓ Duck
✓ Cute kitten
✓ Radiation hazard battery
✓ Bio hazard battery
✓ Alien power battery
✓ Love battery widget
All templates are designed by Red Dodo
Additional features:
✓ Shows battery percent, temperature and voltage information.
✓ Power source indicator.
✓ Hi-quality widget in 2 sizes.
✓ Can be used as a battery saver.

Free Download Battery on Google Play