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Zodiac signs screensaver. Meaning and dates.

Monday, March 10th, 2008

The table of the dates and horoscope sign meaning for our last zodiac template:

Symbol Sign Meaning Dates
Aries “Ram” 3/21-4/19
Taurus “Bull” 4/20-5/20
Gemini “Twins” 5/21-6/21
Cancer “Crab” 6/22-7/22
Leo “Lion” 7/23-8/22
Virgo “Virgin” 8/23-9/22
Libra “Scale” 9/23-10/22
Scorpio “Scorpion” 10/23-11/21
Sagittarius “Centaur” 11/22-12/21
Capricorn “Sea-goat” 12/22-1/19
Aquarius “Pitcher” 1/20-2/18
Pisces “Fish” 2/19-3/20